Kal Of Persia - Free to Play Full 3D MMORPG
Update 1.416 February 2020
  • Character Name Scroll Added To Golden Coin Shop
  • Tower of Priest Floor 8 Monsters OTP/Damage Increased
  • Tower of Priest Floor 9 Monsters HP/Exp Increased
  • Shopping System Rewards Fixed
  • Description of Special Exp Stone From Donation Shop Fixed
  • Spin Slash Damage Slightly Increased
  • Tower Of Priest Floor 6 Monsters Ammount Increased
  • Maror Monsters From FoE Health Drastically Reduced
  • Server Notice

    Are you ready to create history? Because we are!

    i would like to annouce that we are back again ! our server was online for 1 year ! 2018~2019 but we decided to start again this year , we are not looking for money as some hater's says so anyone donated on kalofpersia last year ll get 10% of his donation back ! This is a long term Server, along with your trust and belief in us we will always continue to provide an Interesting gameplay for you

    to Simply answer your questions, This is going to go Slower, then midrate, but not the overrated midrate

    Max grades are 70 / G75, which means not an easy life all the way but somehow acceptable droprates We are constantly improving to provide better service. stay tuned !

    Server Features
    • Medium ~ Low Rate Version
    • Vip areas
    • Vip Quests
    • New & Special Armors System
    • Own Made Town
    • Latest Weapons Skins
    • Own Made Costumes
    • Anti-KS System
    • Special Pet System
    • Nirvana System
    • 100+ Daily Quests
    • Custom Lotteries
    • Latest Riding Pets
    • Accessory Craft
    • LmS / GvG / Battelfield / 1 vs 1 PVPS
    • Active Team

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